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Our Mission

Welcome to our platform that connects small business owners to promote service exchange and trade. We make it easy for businesses to find partners for mutually beneficial exchanges.

Why Choose Us?

With our platform, you can say goodbye to blind outreach and connect with businesses ready to trade today. We believe in fostering a collaborative and supportive business community.

About Us

Meet Biz Trade Off

Biz Trade Off was created for business owners, by business owners, with the goal of making service exchanges and bartering a reality for small business owners. Ever thought about swapping services? If you’ve nodded “yes,” then you’ve landed in the right spot. Biz Trade Off is your go-to platform to connect with other business owners ready to exchange professional services or to barter.

How it Works

We Bridge the Connection

With Biz Trade Off, the platform is as straightforward as it gets - you offer your services in exchange for the specific craft or service you’re after. Here’s a real-world example to illustrate just how easy it really is.

Meet Mark, a skilled painter who’s ready to give his home a fresh look. Painting? He’s got that one covered. But, when it comes to installing wood flooring, it’s uncharted territory. While he could hire a team of professional painters, he’s trying to keep his project budget-friendly. That’s when Mark turned to Biz Trade Off.

While browsing Biz Trade Off, Mark found Julian, a 5-star rated flooring installation specialist looking to exchange services. We call this a match in DIY heaven. So, whether you’re looking to trade skills, get the job done affordably, or both, Biz Trade Off is here to connect you with other local business owners.

Our Why

A Lesson From Our Ancestors

In ancient times, trade relied on the barter system, but as civilizations evolved, they transitioned to using shells and pearls as currency. Over time, this form of exchange gave way to the use of coins and paper currencies, marking a significant shift in economic systems.

Even though the convenience of coins, bills, and cards is undeniable, you can’t overlook the perks of the traditional bartering system. Unlike paper currency, bartering is both simple and helps build connections among business owners.

While there are clear benefits to charging for your services, bartering and exchanges allow you to get the same goods and services without the need to drop into your wallet. So, maybe there is a thing or two we can learn from our ancestors.

Our People

By Business Owners, For Business Owners

At Biz Trade, we're proud to be driven by a team of business owners who share a common goal: simplifying the process of service exchange for fellow business owners. While our mission is straightforward, we understand that navigating these service exchanges on your own can be anything but. That's why our team, recognizing the challenges involved, has developed a singular platform dedicated to making these connections a reality.

Small Business

We Make The Connection

Small businesses are the lifeblood of our nation, and we’re here to help them thrive. We understand how challenging navigating business ownership can be, which is why we developed a platform uniquely designed to cater to their needs. At Biz Trade Off, we’ve developed a user-friendly platform, bridging the gap between business owners and helping to facilitate trades and exchanges. No more struggling to find small businesses willing to make service exchanges or barter – we’ve got you covered.

Be The Change

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Get the services you want without dipping into your savings. Join Biz Trade Off today! Are you interested in becoming part of the Biz Trade Off team? We’re always looking for new talent. Ready to jump on board and help our platform grow? Join our mission today by becoming an investor.